A client portal is a client-facing space for sharing files, information, project details, services & orders, communication, and more. It may be a part of a Software as a Service — SaaS solution, such as project management or a dedicated client portal software, be created from scratch or using no-code tools, or improvised using software that’s not originally dedicated to be used as a customer portal software, like Asana.

Client portals are used to help nurture customer relationships, enhance customer satisfaction, and make sure your clients stay on the same page with all the essential details being easily reachable. If you’re curious to know all the details on the benefits coming from using such a tool, make sure to read our latest article.

Such a solution may come in all shapes and sizes, from the most basic read-only options that simply allow clients to view their documents, to complete collaborative spaces, with payments, communication, and e-signatures included.

In this article, we’ll ponder the must-have and the nice-to-have client portal features, describing their purpose, so that you can figure out what your choice of a client portal should look like.

Benefits of Using a Client Portal

  • Say Goodbye to Email Clutter: Eliminate the hassle of sifting through numerous emails to find specific documents or conversations.
  • Everything’s in One Place: Centralize project files, timelines, and communications, streamlining accessibility and organization.
  • Security Is a Priority: Encrypt and restrict access to ensure the confidentiality and security of sensitive information.
  • Always Open: Give clients 24/7 access to review progress, share files, and stay updated without time constraints.

How Does a Client Portal Work?

Setting up a client portal involves selecting a platform that aligns with the business’s needs, customizing it to reflect the brand, and creating dedicated spaces for individual clients. This personalized workspace allows clients to interact with content, provide feedback, and engage in a seamless collaborative process.