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Targeted Exposure

Connect with individuals actively searching for mental health services in Asia.

Increased Visibility

A complete listing improves your ranking on Google for keywords related to your practice.

Credibility and Trust

Being listed on a dedicated mental health directory enhances your credibility and builds trust with potential clients.

Enhanced Online Presence

Boost your online footprint with an additional platform showcasing your services and expertise.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Gain affordable exposure and marketing compared to other advertising channels, ensuring a high return on investment.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Collect and display reviews from satisfied clients to attract new ones and establish a positive reputation.

Direct Contact and Booking

Facilitate easy communication and appointment booking through direct links to your contact information.

SEO Benefits

Benefit from high-quality backlinks to your website, improving your overall SEO and driving more organic traffic.


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Annual Listing$69

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Listing DetailFree ListingPaid Listing
PriceFree$69 / Year
Duration365 days365 days
Business Name
Image Galleryno
Business Hoursno
Map Displayno
Price Rangeno